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Welcome to High Life Treehouses

Specialists in Tree Houses, Hobbit Holes and Wooden Play Structures

Imagine an enchanting tree house retreat high up in a leafy bough – a place to relax and enjoy a drink with friends on a warm summer’s evening watching the setting sun and listening to the hoot of an awakening owl….

Or providing the children in your life with a fantasy hideaway where they can stimulate their endless imaginations in natural surroundings by making a part of the garden their own.

We, at High Life Tree houses, can create all sorts of magical structures whether it be fabulous tree houses, an elegant Summerhouse or perhaps a crazy ”Hobbit Hole”.

For further information regarding our bespoke service or if you would like us to visit us to talk over your proposed project please call us on: 01442 733 837

Are you appalled by how long your children spend in front of screens?

Highlife Treehouses can provide a solution to this modern scourge! We can create magical structures which will entice your kids out into the garden and maybe restore some of your rightful and well-earned peace and quiet. Furthermore the children will be encouraged to be more physically active outdoors, to play creative games and to stimulate their imaginations.


We always encourage client’s children to get involved with the design of their treehouse. Indeed, some great ideas which we have used have come from that source. For example, secret doors, glass windows in the floor (suitably reinforced, of course) and even fingerprint recognition on the door locks are all suggestions which came from clients’ children.


Why should the kids be the only ones to enjoy our Treehouses? We have built many for adults over the years. Guest rooms, offices and even dining rooms providing tranquil retreats with stunning views which previously may have been undiscovered!


With foreign travel becoming more expensive, the UK holiday (Stay-cation) business is taking-off across the land. We are involved in projects which provide luxury treehouse accommodation where, whilst the outlay is substantial (the latest is well over £100,000) the return by way of premium rentals is significant. Phone us for more details : 01442 733 837.


Our highly trained and skilled carpenters take pride in their work and make sure that every project is finished to the highest standard. We only use the best quality materials in our structures and we ensure that they are designed and installed to withstand all the seasons and will be safe, attractive features for our clients for years to come. Above all, we love our work!

High Life Treehouses hobbit hole and Treehouse in the sunday times



Treehouses Gallery
Treehouses are fun and bespoke extensions to your home and garden. High Life Treehouses can create a beautiful secluded haven or make a stunning focal point in your favourite tree, providing an ideal spot for entertaining, an office or play house.

Hobbit Holes

Hobbit Hole builder
If your garden is not suitable for a treehouse then why not give a corner of it a touch of ’Tolkien’ Magic with these beautifully crafted, original ’Hobbit Holes’. These little homes are perfect for children and big kids alike.

Summer Houses

Bespoke summerhouse gallery
If you don’t like those nasty flat pack sheds you buy off the shelf, we can help you. We create individually, hand crafted sheds or summer houses to blend in beautifully with your garden.

Play Areas

Bespoke play areas
Our play structures are great additions to any garden, and start from as little as £5000. You can make them up from: Swings, Slides, Ladders, Rope ladders, Fireman’s pole all other types of play equipement.

Tree for citys
High Life Tree Houses believe in looking after the world in which we live. We constantly strive to reduce carbon emissions and try to only use timber that comes from well managed forests with re-planting strategies. Nearly all our timber is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and we make a donation every single month to the wonderful charity Trees For Cities. If you are interested have a look at