Bespoke treehouse gallery
Treehouses are fun and bespoke extensions to your home and garden.
High Life Treehouses can create a beautiful secluded haven or make a stunning focal point in your favourite tree, providing an ideal spot for entertaining, an office or play house.

Hobbit Holes

Bespoke hobbit hole gallery
If your garden is not suitable for a treehouse then why not give a corner of it a touch of ’Tolkien’ Magic with these beautifully crafted, original ’Hobbit Holes’. These little homes are perfect for children and big kids alike.

Summer Houses

Bespoke summerhouse gallery
If you don’t like those nasty flat pack sheds you buy off the shelf, we can help you. We create individually, hand crafted sheds or summer houses to blend in beautifully with your garden.

Play Areas

Bespoke play areas
Our play structures are great additions to any garden, and start from as little as £5000. You can make them up from: Swings, Slides, Ladders, Rope ladders, Fireman’s pole all other types of play equipement.